Hermoso believes Atletico Madrid will rise agai

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Atletico Madrid defender Mario Hermoso battled with Real Sociedad forward Alexander Zorlott before the Atletico Madrid lost 0-2 in the round of 16. of the Copa del Rey on Wednesday past.

Atletico Madrid defender Mario Hermoso has admitted he did not understand the referee’s reason for just three minutes of injury time in the 2-0 defeat to Real Sociedad in the last 16 of the GO. Pa del Rey on Wednesday. But the 26-year-old defender is confident the Atletico team will recover According to Marca. 

‘In a wide area there may be a foul. But we know it’s going to be like that,’ said Hermoso. ‘When there are situations where the same thing happens to us when we have an advantage. But there was a whistle sounding. I don’t understand I don’t understand referee’s time management. With 10 substitutions and only three minutes of injury time, I don’t understand ufabet.’

‘The team knows it’s an important game. we have our chance But we don’t grab it. that’s your condition And when you make a mistake and lose a goal Everything will be much harder, this is Atletico and we will give everything in every game we have. The results of the competition have not yet come. But we will be back We are the champions of the league and we will continue to fight. keep giving everything It was a terrible situation. But we will definitely rise,’ Hermoso said.