Reveals the difference in expenditures for Premier League teams

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After the latest round of the Premier League reinforcement market has close, it turns out that Arsenal are the team with the largest negative difference. When subtracting expenditure and revenue in terms of reinforcements. with 2 teams from Manchester

    Arsenal is the English Premier League club with the most negative difference when deducting expenses and income. In the latest reinforcement market With the amount of -131.8 million pounds (about 5,799.2 million baht), this statistic only counts deals that have been disclosed about the cost of moving the team.

    This summer, Arsenal are the most used Premier League team this summer. From spending 156.8 million pounds (about 6,899.2 million baht) until players such as Ben White, Martin Odegaard, Aaron Ramsdale and Takehiro Tomiyasu join the army in On the other hand, they earned just £25 million from the release of the player, which came from losing Joe Willock to Newcastle United.

In this regard, Manchester United came in second with a figure of -103.7 million pounds (about 4,562.8 million baht) after spending 133.7 million pounds. While receiving money from selling players 30 million pounds ( Approximately 1,320 million baht), with Manchester City in 3rd place with a difference of -72.7 million pounds (about 3,198.8 million baht).

    While Chelsea, although they bought players up to 97.5 million pounds., But they sold players for a total of 94.4 million pounds until the difference was at -3.1 million pounds as for Liverpool, who this summer only got Ibrahima Konate to strengthen, there is a difference between expenses and income of -11.5 million pounds.

Summary of the teams with the largest difference between the Premier League’s expenditures and revenues in the latest reinforcement market. (Counting only deals that have been revealed for a fee)

    1. Arsenal -131.8 million pounds
    2. Manchester United -103.7 million pounds
    3. Man City -72.7 million pounds
    4. West Ham – £63.3 million
    5. Leicester -55.0 million
    6. Spurs -54.6 million
    7. Leeds -43.0 million
    8. Brentford -31.1 million
    9. Palace -28.5 million pounds
    10. Newcastle -25.0 million pounds
    11. Burnley -17.5 million pounds
    12. Wolves -12.4 million pounds
    13. Liverpool -11.5 million pounds
    14. Chelsea – 3.1 million pounds
    15. Everton -1.6 million pounds
    16. Watford +5.5 million pounds
    17. Norwich +6.1 million pounds
    18. Aston Villa +7.0 million pounds
    19. Brighton +17.9 million pounds
    20. Southampton + 25.0 million pounds