Ronaldo to become the second favorite to win the Premier League

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Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo has become a two-star favorite in the Premier League, although he has not played for the “Red Devils” yet.

Cristiano Ronaldo, forward, captain of the Portuguese national team Just made history. Becoming the player who scores the most goals on the national team of all time. With 111 goals after scoring two goals. Helping the “Foi Thong” army open the home game to defeat. The Republic of Ireland 2-1 in the 2022 World Cup qualifying round European Zone A. On Wednesday, September 1  

Ronaldo was originally rank number one alongside Iranian legend Ali Daei with 109 goals. But two goals in the latest game saw the 36-year-old Manchester United striker, who started the game with a point. Penalties do not enter from the 15th minute, stepping up to be the number one sole successfully.

British bookmaker William Hill has raised the odds for Ronaldo to become the second favorite to win the Premier League’s top scorer this season. Despite having just join the Red Devils. Haven’t played yet.

Ronaldo has an odds of 9/2 (thrust 2 pays 9, excluding capital). While Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea striker. He is the 1st favorite at the price of 10/3 (thrust 3, pays 10, not including Capital) as for Mohamed Salah. The Liverpool striker holds the 3rd favorite at the price of 5/1 (thrust 1 pays 5, excluding capital). 

On the side of Mikhail Antonio, the West Ham United striker, who has scored 4 goals, is currently the leading goalscorer at this time, holding 7 odds 20/1 (bet 1, pay 20, not including capital).