Tickets for Man Utd vs Newcastle United

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Tickets for Man Utd vs Newcastle United game are over a hundred thousand. The craze for Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Old Trafford. After the price of tickets for the Ghost game against Newcastle have skyrocketed to more than 100,000 baht.

 Tickets for the Premier League match. Where Manchester United will open their home at Old Trafford to welcome Newcastle United. On Saturday 11 September have been sold. On the black market for a price of up to 2,514 pounds (about 113,130 baht), according to a report from the times British media on Thursday, Sept 2.

Such an appointment is expected that Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese national team striker. Will be playing the first game for the “Red Devils” after returning to play for the team for the first time since moving out in 2009 and the official tickets sold out already    However, there are still some fans selling tickets online, such as StubHub, an American online trading website. It sells tickets for this match up to 2,514 pounds. While the website Live Football Tickets also sells more than 200 seats, priced between 250-699 pounds (about 11,250-31,455 baht)

While the Man Utd club has announced to warn fans not to buy ghost tickets. by reasoning that “We do not encourage fans to buy tickets from unauthorized sources. These tickets are often unavailable. It made the fans lose free money, disappointed and unable to watch the game.”