Glazer ordered Manchester United to offer contract to Zidane

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Glazer ordered Manchester United to offer contract to Zidane. Zinedine Zidane, French coach Was name after the meeting pending the dismissal of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as head coach following the 1-4 defeat by Watford.

The Times has reported on a meeting of Joel Glazer and the Manchester United board of directors to consider the future of Solskjaer’s decision to sack. And there is a mention of Zidane’s name as a representative of the head coach.

News reports say Glazer has ordered those in charge of the club. Accelerate the process of persuading and persuading Zidane to take over from Solskjaer during the 2021-22 season by adding to the contract offer to make it more attractive. Including the budget to strengthen the army as well. To draw a French coach to take over the team in Old Trafford as quickly as possible.

Means Solskjaer’s sacking in November means that the Manchester United executive has yet to make plans to support him. Or secret contact with other coaches about taking the position. Therefore, the appointment of a new head coach may take longer. If in the end, the sedan is not interest in sitting in this hot chair.

Earlier, French media reported that Zidane wishes to wait for the France national team. After the 2022 World Cup at the end of next year without interest in taking over the job of controlling the club for some time After parting with Real Madrid as a coach for the second time after the end of last season.