Arsenal’s new midfielder, Albert Zambi Loconga

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Arsenal ‘s new midfielder, Albert Zambi Loconga, has announced that he enjoys playing away games at the den of opponents because of the “violent atmosphere”. By pinning when it comes to defeating Liverpool at Anfield and fighting Manchester United to Old Trafford, it is a program not to be missed.

Albert Zambi was bought by ‘ cannon ‘ from Anderlecht. In Belgium, where he is already captain, there is a high level of maturity and mental toughness to cope with the pressure. Therefore, I would like to experience visiting 2 stadiums that the atmosphere is the best of the elite city footballers that are as dark as the rumors or not.  

“ Personally, I would like to play against Liverpool and Manchester United, they have a big stadium, a huge fan base. And then there are supporters from all over the world to follow the results ” Opening the mouth with ‘ Arsenal Magazine ‘

“ Now I watch more English Premier League matches because I want to know more about our opponents. In the past, I knew Belgian football very well because I watched it all the time. But with the English Premier League, I want to study better. ” 

“To be honest, in my spare time, I like to watch football because I am not interested in other sports. There are some glimpses of basketball, but it’s not profound – life is just a ball game. ” 

“ This is a new league for me. Everything is new, so we have to look a lot and study. ” 

Arsenal Hill to visit Liverpool on 20 May . A . And visit Manchester United 2 December . C . , Respectively.